Reusable Batik facemask

27 Jun 2020


It is almost mandatory to wear face mask nowadays.

It is because wearing face masks in public does offer protection against spread of COVID-19.

However, disposable face mask do create environment problem and the there is no design.

According to Johns Hopkins Medicine, If you are not health care providers on the front lines caring for patients, you may not need a  N95 professional respirators or surgical face mask.

According to CDC ( Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) , cloth face mask or covering is sufficient to protect us in public.

Batik face mask is an alternative to disposable face mask. It can protect us and save the environment.

Moreover, we can go out with style with batik face mask.

batik face mask

Our batik face mask comes with 3 layers protection.

The first is authentic Malaysian batik.

The middle layer is non woven fabric. It is water repellent.

The last inner layer is 100% cotton. It is breathable and comfortable.

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