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Batik Tour

Experience The Culture And Heritage From Batik Tour

Jadi Batek is one of the few places in Kuala Lumpur that visitors can enjoy batik making process. Our batik tour is free and booking is not necessary. Our friendly ambassadors will guide you through the batik gallery and workshop. We will share with you about the history of Malaysian batik and explain the batik making process to you. You are welcome to talk to the artists about their batik artwork. Photo or video taking for personal memory is welcome.

If you would like to experience batik drawing, we can also arrange the batik classes (chargeable) for you. Once you are satisfied with the batik tour, we will guide you back to the retail showroom. Our Ambassadors will explain to you the way to differentiate original batik and machine print batik. We will also share with you our latest batik collections.