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Batik Event

Host a Batik Event with authentic experience

Team Building

Teamwork is the ability to work together toward a common vision. We found that batik drawing can be a excellent team building activity.

There are 2 ways to conduct it. The first is to let the team to make a big batik masterpiece together. We can help to prepare the artwork and the participants need to communicate with each other to decides the colors and responsibility. At the end, the team will be proud with their batik masterpiece together.

The other way is to combine the batik from each team to create a giant batik piece. This activity involves the communication between teams as well.

From the customer feedback, they told us that the trust level among team, communication process between staffs, collaboration willingness inside team improved after the batik team building activities.

For enquiry and quotation, please send email to info@jadibatek.com or whatsapp to +60197832387.

Batik Drawing Activity

Jadi Batek can bring conduct batik drawing at your premise as well. We can conduct at your office, school, shopping mall or even your birthday party. For corporate, it is bonding and healing activities for your precious employees. For events in shopping center or private function, the guests are happy because they can draw the batik and bring back home their master piece.

For enquiry and quotation, please send email to info@jadibatek.com or whatsapp to +60197832387.

Batik Demonstration

Batik is one of the most famous cultural heritage of Malaysia. Hence, it is a popular showcase in school and festival events, especially when the foreign visitors are present. The host can take the opportunity to introduce our culture uniqueness to the foregin guests.

Jad Batek can send our batik artists out to perform batik drawing demonstration. We have performed in shopping center, schools, hotels and other private functions. We welcome custom made design for your events and let the guests to do the coloring .The final batik masterpiece will be a good memorial for the event.

For enquiry and quotation, please send email to info@jadibatek.com or whatsapp to +60197832387.