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    Do you have friends, families, loved ones or colleagues who are from a different country and or locals who reside or work in another country? […]
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  • Batik DIY Painting Kit – Best Seller for at Home Activities
    Behold our best seller of Jadi Batek, the Batik DIY painting kit! We have always had Batik painting classes held in Jadi Batek’s workshop, that […]
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  • Jadi’s Lunar New Year Debut Collection
    Introducing Jadi Batek’s debut ready-to-wear collection that is made entirely in Malaysia’s traditional craft – Batik, a handmade wax resist dyeing technique. This is the […]
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About Us

Jadi Batek is one of the biggest batik handicraft center in Kuala Lumpur. In fact, we are also well known as a reputable batik manufacturer and supplier in Malaysia. Batik tours are available every day and visitors are welcome to enjoy how batik is being made, talk to the artists and learn the story behind each batik masterpiece.

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Batik artists at Jadi Batek Gallery are all Malaysians. We are a good combination of book smart and street smart individuals.

We have batik artists who inherited the craft from their family and there are those who have obtained their diplomas and degrees from the National Craft Institute (Institut Kraf Negara). The senior artists in our establishment have more than 20 years’ experience in batik-making.


Identify Quality Batik

Not all lovers of batik are familiar with the painstaking process needed to create intangible heritage.

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  • Class

    At Jadi Batek, you will have the marvellous opportunity to experience this traditional handicraft and create your own batik masterpiece.

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  • Events

    Our team will provide authentic batik experience to your guests and colleagues.

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  • Tour

    You are welcome to join our batik tour to learn about the batik making process.

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