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  • New Year, New Jadi Batek
    Thank You First and foremost, Jadi Batek would like to sincerely thank all our of Batik supporters and Batik lovers who have stayed with us […]
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  • We Will Be Closed on 1st Jan 2021
    Happy New Year! Jadi Batek sincerely wishes everyone a sparkling New Year! Let your dreams take flight in the new year! We will be closed this […]
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  • ShopeePay When You Shop with Jadi Batek
    We are excited to announce that ShopeePay is now available as a payment method when you shop with us on here on Jadi Batek! ShopeePay […]
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About Us

Jadi Batek is one of the biggest batik handicraft center in Kuala Lumpur. In fact, we are also well known as a reputable batik manufacturer and supplier in Malaysia. Batik tours are available every day and visitors are welcome to enjoy how batik is being made, talk to the artists and learn the story behind each batik masterpiece.

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Batik artists at Jadi Batek Gallery are all Malaysians. We are a good combination of book smart and street smart individuals.

We have batik artists who inherited the craft from their family and there are those who have obtained their diplomas and degrees from the National Craft Institute (Institut Kraf Negara). The senior artists in our establishment have more than 20 years’ experience in batik-making.


Identify Quality Batik

Not all lovers of batik are familiar with the painstaking process needed to create intangible heritage.

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  • Class

    At Jadi Batek, you will have the marvellous opportunity to experience this traditional handicraft and create your own batik masterpiece.

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  • Events

    Our team will provide authentic batik experience to your guests and colleagues.

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  • Tour

    You are welcome to join our batik tour to learn about the batik making process.

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