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Ed Sheeran was in Jadi Batek!

British pop sensation Ed Sheeran is an art lover. During his +-=÷× (Mathematics) Tour in Malaysia, he took the time and effort to visit Jadi Batek and learn about Malaysian Batik with his fans.

Before the class, we brought Ed Sheeran and his fans for a batik tour to learn about the batik history and batik making process.

Guided by our skilled artisans, they used canting to draw intricate batik outlines and played with dyes to create vibrant batik masterpieces!

Ed was so thrilled with his first batik masterpiece that he’s planning to showcase it in his pub. During his visit, not only did he immerse himself in the batik painting process, but he also left with special gifts – batik plush toys, a pareo and a stylish batik shirt, all handcrafted with love by Jadi Batek.

At the end, Ed Sheeran was very friendly and took time to take photos with his fans and Jadi Batek’s staffs.

Inspired by Ed’s experience? Tag your foreigner friends who crave a taste of Malaysian culture! Encourage them to join us at Jadi Batik for an unforgettable journey in creating their own Malaysian Batik art. Come, create, and make memories that last a lifetime!

Contact us today via WhatsApp at +60136881322 or call us at +60321451133 to learn more about our workshop.