Batik Project Run-A-Way with SHELL – Team building Activity with Batik

29 Oct 2021

We are extremely proud of this most recent team building session that we have organized for Shell’s team members in their project named Batik Project Run-A-Way!

In a slightly different structure, with a team building session that consists of over 100+ participants that has been divided into several groups, the members in each group learns how to do Batik and proceeds in creating a harmonious designs in their group to be made into Kaftan dress designs! At the end of the event, the winner was selected by our experienced Batik artisans.

With a more competitive environment created, productivity in boosting team spirits, cooperation and most importantly, releases stress are much more effective in the longer run!

We’re pleased to be one of the earliest to incorporate Batik experience in a team building activity, adapting to the new normal and moving on from knowing only doing Batik in a workshop, to guiding Batik art style in an online class.

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