Nestlé: Malaysian Batik Uniform

12 Oct 2021

Jadi Batek x Nestlé

After with a little over a month hard work, we’ve successfully completed the custom order of Batik uniforms for Nestle Malaysia! It was hard work that were paid off which wouldn’t have been possible without the help of all the staffs of Jadi Batek – from creating, completing, tailoring and finishing the final versions  of the Batik uniforms.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank Nestle Malaysia for believing in us with creating and realizing the brand’s values and vision mission to include Malaysian Batik heritage into their brand. This gave us the chance to shine forth in our likewise passion in our brand’s values to preserve the Batik heritage in Malaysia.

Here is the process of making the Batik uniform for Nestle using traditional Batik block print method.

Preserving Batik is important because it has a connection with our country’s history. Not only that, it was also created by many people ideas and many form of characteristics. In Malaysia, where Batik origins are obscure, it is believed that the states of Kelantan and Terengganu are recognized as the cradle where Malaysia Batik grew. Malaysian Batik is an authentic form of Batik in its own unique take that still kept its originality until now, and most importantly still used, though rather sparingly in present times. Preserving our Batik heritage is very important. Many people only see the pattern of Batik and did not really appreciate the history of the Batik itself.


Let us share with you several benefits in incorporating Batik uniforms in your brand or organization:

1. Instill awareness and appreciation in the Batik heritage.

Many people wearing Batik will be able to show how they do appreciate and belong to a culture. It can be a conversation starter that educates each other, peers and families and spread a positive massage to people who may have forgotten the art of Batik

2. Batik itself is one of the cultural product

The motif on the uniform itself is indirectly representing the unique art of Malaysian culture. This may induce better understanding in the arts as integral to social existence. Wearing Batik  clothes in a constant variant such as a uniform in community also has meaningful patterns of social life.

3. Batik is about documenting tradition.

It is not only Batik but also the traditional techniques, methods and cultural ways will still be able to survive in community. Such documentation can take a multitude of different forms of art, but it is critical for captains in the industry to introduce these incorporation to set the way for other corporations and brands.

4. Batik can transmit culture gap from generation to generation.

It could be a link chain for one generation to the next one, in which culture can be transmitted along. Because today’s young women and men are distracted by a multitude of cultural signals (from popular entertainment to the content of formal education), there is a risk that they will disengage from the traditional art.

5. Nationalism with Batik.

People are beginning to feel the need to preserve and recognize Batik as one part of their identity of their nation. It can be by wearing it to the office, school, party, relax or many others. We do prompt government to use Batik once a week or on Thursdays at various government agencies to create a powerful multiplier effect. In addition to civil servants who use Batik, in fact, many private companies are also mandatory or at least encourage their employees wear Batik on certain week days. Thus, this does not only make the Batik industry blooms but
also made many people aware of the cultural and national identity.


If we could achieve our vision to preserve Batik for a lengthen period of time, introducing, educating and creating awareness, changing people’s minds to appreciate Batik now and in the future, other upcoming generations would be able to see and learn about Batik too.


Although Nestle has been one of many brands and corporations who have approached us and shared their interest in incorporating Batik in their companies, whereby undoubtedly there has been a rising awareness of Batik’s traditional charm, more integrated efforts from all stakeholders are needed to preserve its intricate artistry and promote its beauty.

If you are interested in knowing more about our available services in custom making your Batik uniform today, drop us an email or any enquiries or contact us directly via Whatsapp now!


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