New Year, New Jadi Batek

07 Jan 2021

Thank You

First and foremost, Jadi Batek would like to sincerely thank all our of Batik supporters and Batik lovers who have stayed with us throughout all our new launches, collections and products. We have suffered a big impact due to the global pandemic and having our fellow Batik lovers support us means the world to us. Thank you for supporting Jadi Batek and the art, heritage and culture of Malaysian Batik. We look forward to your enthusiasm on our beautiful Batik masterpieces and collaborations to come.

New Jadi Batek

In the new year of 2021, we want to start anew and highlight Batik apparels and accessories in the most authentic and creative way possible. To accomplish this new objective this year, we have established the synergy between bright minds such as Kel Wen from Behati. The bright mind who has collaborated with us previously and launched a one of a kind Batik classics with modern interpretation.


Check out our new visuals that was released last week!



Vision and Mission

Our  vision has always been the same, we strives to be the epicenter of batik cultures in the world. Batik is our life and we would like batik to be preserved for another 1000 years. We believe that batik which is handmade, comes with soul and cannot be replaced by industrialization and digitalization. We would like to lead in the design, production, promotion and education of batik in the world.


And in order to achieve that, we need to encourage others to enrich the quality of life with batik cultures. It will preserve, innovate and lead the batik arts and provide the best authentic products and experie nce to our art to the global eye.

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Please stay tuned for more collaboration, looks and beautiful masterpiece to come in 2021. New year, new Jadi Batek!