Jadi Batek X Behati

25 Sep 2020

I am sure many of you Batik lovers has noticed these few days our Facebook & Instagram stories with sneak peeks of a collaboration with exclusive Batik design?

We are pleased to announce that Jadi Batek has collaborated with Behati on their new Merdeka 2020 collection – available now! 

Behati is a contemporary fashion brand, surrounded by the influence of Malaysia’s traditions and mother nature. Behati is defined as ‘blessed’ and it stands to preserve the art and culture of Malaysia by practicing the craft’s original technique and introduce new designs that is current to today’s fashion.

Jadi Batek opened up a path for Behati to explore more possibilities in the art of Malaysian Batik with prints out of the norm, taking the global fashion trends, we created Behati’s signature ‘B’ Monogram and the ‘Peta’ print that shows the map of Malaysia in Batik Block and Canting for our debut collection, introducing the new age for Batik with a new edge.

The full Batik collection is now available at our online shop.