Batik in daily life

25 Sep 2020

It is our aim to introduce various ways to use batik in our daily life so that people will appreciate the art of Batik and preserve the traditional art.

Our latest product is the Batik face shield and bucket hat. It is a supplementary product after the Batik face mask due to the current ongoing pandemic.

Face shields, which shields a person’s face with a clear curved plastic panel – are more comfortable, easier to put on and take off, reusable, and simple to clean. 

If you think why do I need to wear a face shield if I wear masks and how is it safe as its open at the sides. Research suggests that the Coronavirus usually spreads via large droplets expelled out of a person’s mouth or nose, which are pulled down by gravity within a radius of six feet. (Hence the six-foot rule/ 2 meter rule). Shields prevent close-by expelled viruses from hitting another person’s face before they fall.

As we strive to promote the use of batik in our daily life in an approachable way that is loved by people of all ages, the face shield and matching bucket hat has a minimum twist of Batik touch that enhances the look and mood of using the face shield and protect oneself from the virus as well as Malaysia’s humid and heated weather.