Host a Batik Team Building Activity for an Authentic Experience 2021

16 Jul 2021

Teamwork is the ability to work together toward a common vision. We found that batik drawing can be a excellent team building activity.


There are 2 ways to conduct it. The first is to let the team to make a big batik masterpiece together. We can help to prepare the artwork and the participants need to communicate with each other to decides the colors and responsibility. At the end, the team will be proud with their batik masterpiece together.



The other way is to combine the batik from each team to create a giant batik piece. This activity involves the communication between teams as well.


In light of the pandemic, it is crucial to be aware of the productivity or build-up stress due to the new normal and its procedures. Team building or conducting team activities by introducing the art of Batik is productive in boosting team spirits, cooperation and most importantly, releases stress in long, continuous working environments. And we are bringing it to you – virtually!



Batik has always been a great artsy escape for many who enjoy creating artworks by drawing and coloring. Jadi Batek can bring the Batik art to you and create joyful, happy and memorable memories together, even via online!



We will send the Batik DIY painting kit to every employee and the online Batik class with be conducted by our experienced Batik facilitators through online meeting.


DIY crafting activities are a great way to allow individuals to express themselves and allow the energy to be channelized into positive endeavors and giving a sense of achievement to teammates who work in groups.


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Watch on our Youtube an example of a family’s online Batik class experience with the guidance of our experienced Batik facilitators HERE!