DKSH with Jadi Batek – Team building Activity with Batik

19 Nov 2021

We’ve completed yet another Batik online team building activity conducted with DKSH team members with our Mandala series Batik DIY kits!

In light of the pandemic, it is crucial to be aware of the productivity or build-up stress due to the new normal and its procedures. Team building or conducting team activities by introducing the art of Batik is productive in boosting team spirits, cooperation and most importantly, releases stress in long, continuous working environments. And we are bringing it to you – virtually!


There are 2 ways to conduct it. The first is to let the team to make a big batik masterpiece together. We can help to prepare the artwork and the participants need to communicate with each other to decides the colors and responsibility. At the end, the team will be proud with their batik masterpiece together.

The other way is to combine the batik from each team to create a giant batik piece. This activity involves the communication between teams as well.


We’re pleased to be one of the earliest to incorporate Batik experience in a team building activity, adapting to the new normal and moving on from knowing only doing Batik in a workshop, to guiding Batik art style in an online class.

If you are interested in knowing more about our available services in organizing your Batik team building activity today, drop us an email or any enquiries or contact us directly via Whatsapp now!


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