Chinese New Year 2022 Batik DIY Painting Kit Design Collections!

08 Jan 2022

Check out our new collection added to the best seller of Batik DIY painting kit, the CNY coloring series!

Batik DIY painting kit set are a child’s greatest pleasure to bring the fun, joy and experience of Batik to you – right in the comfort of your home. The Batik DIY painting kit is a beginner and kids friendly kit set that has all you need in a handy set for you first or soon to be favorite pass time activity!

A great home activity to dive into this month, we designed 11 limited edition Batik masterpieces for you Batik lovers to get to coloring to enjoy this season, with 3 new Tiger inspired designs to celebrate the Year of the Tiger this 2022. Some of them include common Chinese elements, symbols and culture behind the meaning of the CNY season!

What is significance of Chinese New Year in simple words?


Chinese New Year, or the Spring Festival, is the most important celebration observed in China, with cultural and historic significance. The festival signals the beginning of spring, and the start of a new year according to the Chinese lunar calendar.



Read on to check out what this designs symbolizes in these CNY sets!


2022 Tiger
The Tiger is known as the king of all beasts, not only because the Chinese character “王” (literally meaning “the king”) is displayed on its forehead, but also because it is the symbol of bravery and power.


Year of the Tiger

2022 is a year of the Tiger, starting from February 1st, 2022, and ending on January 21st, 2023. It is a Water Tiger year. The Tiger is known as the king of all beasts in China. The zodiac sign Tiger is a symbol of strengthexorcising evils, and braveness. Many Chinese kids wear hats or shoes with a tiger image of for good luck.

Tiger Symbol

Tiger, as an ancient Chinese animal symbol is an emblem of dignity, ferocity, sternness, courage, and by itself is Yin energy. Also a symbol of protection, the image of a tiger is often seen on clothing or in the home to ward off harm any semblance of harm and assure safekeeping.

The Koi Fish

The koi carp represents fame, family harmony and wealth in Chinese culture. It is a feng shui favourite, symbolising abundance as well as perseverance and strength, and has a mythical potential to transform into a dragon.

The Chinese Doll

A china doll is a doll made of glazed porcelain. A girl who is wholesomely beautiful, innocent, precious etc. Years ago, before globalization and liberalization were a thing, the expensive dolls were made of porcelain and/or china pottery. They were made with utmost care and were fragile and delicate. The older generation used the expression for anyone who is a well and often beautifully dressed young girl.

The Peony flower

In China, peonies are known as the “king of flowers”. This flower’s big petals are connected to prosperity and happiness. Peonies can also symbolize love and romance. They were often the flower of choice at weddings in ancient China.

The Chinese Mask

In Chinese culture masks were thought of as being a form of communication between mortal men and the immortal gods. They were thought to bring blessings, drive away evil spirits, ward off diseases and protect the owner from various disasters.

The Lion Dance

Lions play an important role in Chinese mythology, and represent joy and happiness. Lion dances are performed accompanied by the music of beating of drums, cymbals, and gongs instruments synchronize to the lion dance movements and actions. People perform lion dance to bring luck and to get rid of the devil.

Chinese Dragon
In the Chinese culture, the dragon represents good luck, strength, health and also the male element Yang. In many other cultures, such as the Western, they look at the dragon as a symbol for evil and darkness. But in China, they regard the dragon as being a symbol representing imperial power and authority.


The Dragon head

Dragons in Chinese culture symbolize great power, good luck and strength. They represent power and authority, particularly control over typhoons, water, rainfall and floods.

The Lion head

In Chinese culture, the lion symbolizes power, wisdom, and superiority. The lion dance is one of the most important traditions at Chinese New Year. It is performed to bring prosperity and good luck for the upcoming year. The lion dance is also a way to create a festive atmosphere and bring happiness.

All of our sets are included with:

✅ Batik Wax Design with paper frame
✅ 3 Batik Color Dyes
✅ Coloring Palette
✅ 1 Paintbrush

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