3 Things You are Curious to Hear about Batik

03 Oct 2020

Malaysian Batik has always been a core part of our Malaysian culture and heritage and we are devoted to maintain and preserve it. However, sometimes there may be times where we may feel like you do not want to hear boring facts repeated over and over again, right?

Here are 3 things you are curious to hear about Batik!

1. Is it true that I can’t use Batik in Malaysia as a regular person, and Batik is only for Malaysian officials?

It is untrue.

For a more formal occasion the long sleeved batik shirt is the one you should use. This means sit down wedding dinners, the orchestra at the Petronas Philharmonic Hall, government related events and anything you feel you need to dress up but without the need of a business suit or going black tie (if not specifically mentioned in the invite) here in the tropics. The short sleeve shirt is less formal and is worn by many for outings, social gatherings.

2. Why is Indonesian Batik so popular among young people in Malaysia?

Actually Malaysian and Indonesian Batik are distinct from each other, and Batik is more popular among Malay elders than the younger generation. In rural area, it’s common for Malays to wear kain Batik in daily life, even males sometimes, often called sarong.

Nowadays there is movement to commercialize and modernize Batik among the younger generation and for them to take interest in our culture and be aware of its importance. Maybe that’s why they’re more sought after, not knowing the beauty of our local Batik heritage.

3. Why do people love Batik?

Here’s an opinion from an anonymous Batik user:

“I love Batik because of its practicality. Suit and tie is the formal attire borrowed from sub-tropics. Try wear them in the equatorial countries’ street and you’ll sweat a lot. That’s why formal attire in tropics tend to be light and simple.

Batik is made from a light cotton. It’s very comfortable to wear at almost any occasion. It’s acceptable attire if you live in Indonesia or Malaysia, the chance of you go wrong with Batik is small.”

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