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Spice up the fun in your home with the all-famous childhood Malaysian game – the Congkak!

Congkak is a popular game of logic played throughout Asia and elsewhere with many adaptations, such as mancal. 

The version commonly played in the Malay Archipelago requires two players to share a wooden board with one row of seven holes along each side, and one bigger hole at either end.

The main purpose is to bring all the marbles back “home” to the bigger hole and finish the marbles.

The suitable token or gift of choice as the game is often played at leisure, on the porch of the house, taking turns and a great opportunity to have fun and bond among family and friends.

Size : 40 x 15 x 5cm

Check out this YouTube video on how to play congkak, the traditional Malaysian game!



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Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 50 × 10 × 5 cm