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The exclusive Batik table cloth in Malaysian Batik Home Decor collection.

It is hand-painted on 100% high quality cotton and every piece is a unique masterpiece.

The table cloth motif is mainly focused on floral designs that is an essential part of Malaysian Batik tradition process.

Skillfully hand-drawn and hand painted by local Batik artisans that ensures the designs compliment the decor of local Malaysian home interior and exterior designs.

Our table cloths come in a variety of vibrant colors for your tables which will brighten the atmosphere of your home instantly.

The standout piece that is a conversation bringer and a key point in your interior designing choice.

The premium choice as a gift or souvenir for an important friend or colleague to create and moderate bonding amongst peers.

The 100% cotton material is a perfect combination as a Batik table cloth for your furniture as it is  long lasting despite daily usage and is easy to wash.

Size is 100 x 50cm

100% handmade Malaysian Batik.

Watch our video showcasing the uniqueness of our Malaysian Batik table cloth HERE.

Weight 0.1 kg
Dimensions 190 × 115 × 0.1 cm