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Batik DIY painting kit for adult or children to draw a batik masterpiece with their favorite characters, this time its the Merdeka coloring session! This Batik painting kit is a great way to let your children to focus and relax. It also brings the fun, joy and experience of Batik to you – right in the comfort of your home. The Batik DIY painting kit is a beginner and kids friendly kit set that has all you need in a handy set for you first or soon to be favorite pass time activity!


All of our sets are included with:

  • Batik Wax Design with paper frame
  • 3 Batik Color Dyes
  • Coloring Palette
  • 1 Paintbrush


All the Batik wax designs are hand drawn by our talented in-house artisans with a memorable theme for each collection we’ve launched.


This newly launched collection is the Merdeka series. Special edition to celebrate the 64th anniversary of independence of Malaya on 31 August 1957.


The elements we have highlighted in our theme this time around includes the national Malaysia flag – Jalur Gemilang, the hibiscus flower – Malaysia’s national flower, characters of different races to represent our multinationalism, and last but not least our Malaysian landmarks such as the Twin Towers, KL Tower, and of course, the Merdeka Square.


Other collections we currently carry are the mandala collection, flowers collection, kids cartoon collection, animals collection, and many more.


A 20×20 cm Batik Merdeka coloring set for adults and children to draw a batik masterpiece hassle free, at the comfort of your home! Watch our Batik DIY painting kit home experience on YouTube HERE:



According to the research, painting activity like batik has the following 8 benefits.

  1. Great Stress Reliever.
  2. Therapeutic Effect.
  3. Meditation Alternative.
  4. Refreshes the Brain.
  5. Sparks Creativity.
  6. Boosts Immune System.
  7. Reconnects with Your Inner Child.
  8. Perfect Therapy for Many Diseases.


Browse all our Batik DIY painting kits designs HERE! 

Weight 0.2 kg
Dimensions 20 × 20 × 2 cm


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