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Batik DIY painting kit gift set with Malaysia flowers collection.

It is fun for beginners and children to draw a batik masterpiece. Batik painting kit set are a child’s greatest pleasure to bring the fun, joy and experience of Batik to you – right in the comfort of your home.

The Batik DIY painting kit is a beginner and kids friendly kit set that has all you need in a handy set for you first or soon to be favorite pass time activity!

All of our sets are included with:

  •  4 limited edition Batik Wax Design with paper frame
  •  8 Batik Color Dyes
  • Coloring Palette
  • 2 Paintbrushes
  • Instruction
  • Premium box

All the Batik wax designs are hand drawn by our talented in-house artisans with a memorable theme for each collections we launched. Some of the collections we currently carry are the mandala collection, flowers collection, kids cartoon collection, animals collection, and many more.

Watch our Batik DIY painting kit home experience on YouTube:

Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 30 × 40 × 2 cm

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