Batik Kaftan Malaysia | Exclusive Hand-drawn | Fuji Rayon| BW012-034


The exclusive hand-painted Batik Kaftan Malaysia on Fuji Rayon material

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The exclusive hand drawn Batik Kaftan Malaysia, its motif is inspired by the traditional elements of Malaysian flora.

Hand-printed on 100% high quality fuji rayon- each its own one-of-a-kind unique masterpiece.

Breathtaking combination of traditional inspired motifs with its vibrant variation that instantly brightens the usual wardrobe. Trusted choice as a gift or to spice up your everyday wardrobe.

Lightweight, breathable 100% Fuji rayon material is a number one priority especially catering as at home attire, for gifting, and many more!

100% handmade Malaysian Batik.

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Dimensions 123 × 91 × 1 cm