Hari Raya Special Gift package RM99

RM 99.00

  • USD: $24.06
  • JPY: ¥2,629

Looking for a quick or last minute gift idea for your family or relatives in Kampung? Search no more! 
Raya Special Gift Set !
What you get in the set:
  • Men Kain Pelikat (varied designs)
  • Ladies Pastel Edition Sarong material (free size)
  • Batik DIY Coloring Set x2 (Raya series)
  • Salted Egg/Dark Chocolate Popcorn (random)


Raya special gift set is carefully combined with selected Batik products from Malaysia and popular local tidbit to be gifted to family and friends this special season. If you can’t visit Kampung this Raya, send them this gift set to remember you and appreciate the local culture as well!
What you get in the set:
Men Kain Pelikat
Traditionally, men wore the kain pelikat, a folded square piece of checked material, during prayers, and around town too. Malay men wear the sarong/kain pelikat mostly to go to the mosque. Both men and women also wear it for ceremonial, religious and cultural activities.
Ladies Pastel Edition Sarong material
For the womenfolk, sarongs were ideal for bathtime and confinement, as home wear and for going out. For women, they favor those dyed in batik prints, with flower motifs and in brighter colors. Thus, our pastel edition sarong material is suitable for women of all ages to wear at home for the best comfort. You can also use the material to custom make a ladies’ blouse, skirt, crop top, and many more!

Batik DIY Coloring Set x2 (Raya series)

Batik painting kit set are a child’s greatest pleasure to bring the fun, joy and experience of Batik to you – right in the comfort of your home. The Batik DIY painting kit is a beginner and kids friendly kit set that has all you need in a handy set for you first or soon to be favorite pass time activity! We designed 5 limited edition Batik masterpieces for you Batik lovers out there to enjoy this Raya season. Some of them include elements of Aidilfitri, greetings, ketupat and many more to celebrate the season.

Salted Egg/Dark Chocolate Popcorn
Salted egg yolk snacks are all the rage right now, as everyone can’t stop talking about how delicious they are. The sweet and salty flavored popcorn is known to be addictive and delicious to be snacked by many during house visits and watching movies too!
*Designs will be selected based on availability