Batik long scarf | Hand-block | Voile BC183-001


Exclusive Hand-block printed batik long scarf or shawl.

  • Light weight.
  • Classic design
  • Limited production
  • 50 x 180cm

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The exclusive, one of a kind scarf, with geometric inspired motif design is hand-blocked on 100% high quality cotton voile fabric. Each its own unique masterpiece.

Embrace the magical combination of geometric designs with this vibrant soothing cotton scarf which is comfortable to wear long hours and makes a great fashion statement. Excellent as a casual gift or an addition to your collection. 

The cotton voile scarf or selendang not only serves as a scarf, but can also be utilized as a head scarf and accessorize as a fashion point on handbags, purses, etc. 

Size is 50 x 180cm

Hand block printing method is one of the traditional batik printing method in Malaysia.

In early days, artist used wooden block carved with patterns as mould to print batik.

Later in 1960s, the artists started to use copper and zinc to make batik block.

The process of hand block batik printing takes times and years of experience to master it.

100% handmade Malaysian Batik.

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Weight 0.1 kg
Dimensions 50 × 180 × 0.1 cm