Short Sleeve Batik Shirt Malaysia | Hand drawn | Cotton | BM002C-250


Short Sleeve Batik Shirt Malaysia, Hand drawn in 100% natural cotton material.



The exclusive, one of a kind Short Sleeve Batik Shirt Malaysia, with tropical inspired motif design is hand-drawn on high quality cotton material– each its own unique masterpiece.

It is light, breathable and cooling. Perfect material to fashion in our tropical climate.

Each piece is unique.

Our well loved Malaysian batik man shirt is a great to substitute boring unicolor shirt choices. Made with the traditional hand drawn and hand painted method in Malaysian Batik art heritage.  The premium choice as a gift or souvenir for men such as husbands, father, brothers, uncle, bosses. 

Hand drawn Batik is where the designs are drawn on the fabric with hot liquid wax by using a metal object called canting. When the wax outlines are done, artists use the brushes to paint the dyes within the outlines. The use of brush can create shaded and multi-hued designs.

Wear a Batik man shirt today to protect the 100 year old traditional craft.

Watch on our YouTube channel the making process of Malaysian Batik in general for more information on the traditional craft HERE.

Additional information

Weight 0.1 kg
Dimensions 70 × 50 × 1 cm