PM2.5 Mask Filter 5 Layers of Activated Carbon Replaceable Gasket pads


Addtional filter for Batik Facemask with pocket come with 5 layers protection.

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  • PM2.5 air mask breathing filters.
  • The first layer: filter the dust of micron
  • The second layer: to filter industrial pollutants, automobile exhaust, second-hand smoke pollen allergies
  • The third layer: activated carbon cloth, benzene and a smaller function of filtering dust microns
  • The fourth layer: filter density, smaller material
  • The fifth layer: filter out all kinds of harmful substances;
  • Uses: anti-odor, anti-dust, anti-gas, anti-bacterial, anti-PM2.5 Allergies,Smoke,Pollution,Ash, Pollen;
  • Scope: dust masks, self-use masks, beauty salons, pet shop masks, factory masks, food processing masks, environmental cleaning masks and other protective dust can be placed.
  • The mask filter provide comfortable protection for people.
  • Suggest replace the fliters every day for the best effect.
  • Quantity per Packs 10pcs

Additional information

Weight 0.01 kg
Dimensions 20 × 20 × 1 cm